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Scholly Releases Student Relief Fund Giving $200 to Students and Parents Who Have Been Financially Impacted by the Coronavirus

Last week, we at Watch The Yard took to our social media and asked our followers how the coronavirus was affecting their lives. To our much expected dismay, we got hundreds of responses from undergrads stating that they had lost their jobs and paid internships and were stuck without housing and could not get home. Luckily, Scholly, the top rated app for scholarships in the world, has launched a relief fund that will provide students who apply with up to $200.

According to a press release from Scholly, the Scholly COVID-19 Student Relief Fund was created, “to help as many students and parents as possible with cash assistance to buy essentials needed to survive while in quarantine and/or while they are unable to work.”

The relief fund will provide up to $200 to each family on a rolling basis.

“Scholly’s brand and product has been built by students for students so the company feels it is our duty to step in and help as many students as possible” said Scholly CEO Christopher Gray. “We are working with foundations, brands, and other startups to raise as much as we can to make a real impact. Scholly has helped students win $100 million dollars in scholarships so helping them during this crisis is a no brainer for our company.”

Students and parents should apply as soon as possible to be considered. If approved, applicants will be sent instructions on how to access funds.

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