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Howard University’s Law Library Just Threw Epic Shade At The Trump Administration’s “Alternative Facts”

You can run around talking about “Alternative Facts” all you want but you better GTFOH if you are trying to bring that mess up into Howard University’s Law Library…

Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President, told Chuck Todd of Meet The Press that the Press Secretary used ‘alternative facts’ in his first statement to the Press Corps on Saturday when he claimed that Trump’s inauguration, “was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period.”

This was of course not true at all and many news sources have called out Kellyanne Conway for using the words “alternative facts” instead of “blatantly false/incorrect information.” By looking at these two images of the Obama’s inauguration in 2009 on the left and Trump’s inauguration on the right, you can tell that these “alternative facts” simply are not true.

But the librarians at Howard are not having it. They are simply not here for it. As men and women who are dedicated to facts, words and knowledge, they could not and would not let their students or anyone entering their library know that they could bring “alternative facts” or any of that hot mess into their historic, revered, and sacred halls of knowledge.

A redditor uploaded this picture today of a sign found inside of the library.

Yeah that is right! The staff at Howard’s law library are not having it.

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