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While the Black Greek community may be really cool with Bop King DLOW, the Chicago artist and creator of the very popular DLOW Shuffle posted a video challenge to his Instagram account yesterday that has some in the greek community up in arms.

The video which DLOW posted encourages people to hop like a Que and shimmy like a Nupe and dance like an Alpha to an accompanying song. DLOW has a large following of youth on youtube and is constantly putting out fun dance challenges for them to songs that don’t include cursing or vulgarity.

While it does not seem like his challenge was done out of malice and probably is coming from someone who does not fully understand the culture and customs of black fraternities, sororities and HBCUs, many Greeks on Instagram and Twitter were not happy about it.

Watch the video below and then tell us what you think.

Do you think it is ok for non-greeks to pay tribute to greeks by doing their dances? Is there a difference between encouraging non-greeks to join “Shimmy like a Nupe”, “Hop like a Que” or “Train like an Alpha” competitions and then get mad at something like this? Can greeks even be mad? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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