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[This piece was written by Guest Writer, Alexzandria Chill]

If you are a NPHC member, you know this is Greek Turn Up season. Travel arrangements have been developing in GroupMe chatrooms for months. You’re ordering your flyest greek apparel ahead of time. Old heads and Neos are simultaneously perfecting and synchronizing steps. This is time to show out in the best way possible.

Let’s marinate on those key words, “best way possible” for a minute. One thing some NPHC members fail to realize is that even though this may feel like another version of “Spring Break”, they still have to uphold their letters in a respectful and tasteful manner. Having fun is not an excuse or scapegoat for misconduct and irresponsible behavior.

After viewing some of the comments, video clips and  “Greek Confessions” concerning the shenanigans that took place at the Marriot during last year’s Atlanta Greek Picnic, I thought of some alternative ways to we can enjoy ourselves at our Greek functions while still making our Founders proud.

1) Use Greek Unity to Your Advantage

Most Greek Picnics have a day reserved for job fairs and networking. This is the perfect (and one of the only times) you can mix business and pleasure. Yes, you are here to wild out with your bruhs and strut with your sorors. But don’t miss out on a great opportunity by just attending the social events. There are dozens, sometimes hundreds, of people from various professional backgrounds coming into town to attend this picnic. Find some time to really get to know some people outside of your chapter. Chop it up with some of your Facebook/Twitter followers. Venture outside of your organization and see what other fraternities and sororities have going on. You might end up with some fresh ideas and new friends. Most importantly, you may snag a new job opportunity, internship or possibly the key to your big break.

2) Offer More Than Just Lip Service

We’re pretty sure all of us emphasized how we “LOOOOOOOOVE to do community service” on our essays when we initially tried out for our respective organizations. Well, seeing is believing. The volunteer projects are the least attended Greek activities during that weekend. If you can’t make it out for whatever (legitimate) reason, that’s one thing. But if you have the ability to actually do something for someone else that day, attend the volunteer projects. Service is deeply embedded in who we are as a council. Don’t just offer lip service, actually participate. Plus, you’ll feel better knowing you helped improve someone’s life. And it only took a few hours.

3) Don’t Be a World Star/ VH1 Reality Show Candidate

In the digital age we live in today, it is too easy to get caught slipping. At any moment, a camera phone can make an act that could have flown under the radar instantly go viral. Be careful of how you present yourself at all times. And most importantly, hold your fellow Greeks accountable. We are all our brother’s (and sister’s) keeper. Know your limits with the Frat punches. If you’ve had too much to drink, make sure you leave with a designated driver. Don’t let your “organization’s history” serve as a catalyst for a fight. We are not gangs. We are grown adults upholding letters that represent integrity and scholarship; act accordingly. Whether you’re trying to demonstrate First Fam, Dove, Coleman or Indy love, use protection at all times. And on that note, be careful who you get involved with. A simple rule of thumb would be, if you can’t do it front of your grandmama, granddaddy or your Founders…you probably shouldn’t do it. Or better yet, you know what’s right and wrong by now. Just do right. Acting a fool isn’t not worth it. And one night’s rendition of “The Hangover” could end up hurting you in the long run.

As a council, we were created to uplift our communities. We often forget that we are apart of that community, which means we should be uplifting each other. If we don’t hold ourselves to a higher standard, we can’t expect other people to do the same.  Enjoy yourself,  but also remember you are representing something greater than yourself. Represent your letters with dignity. Your Founders and future generations will be grateful you did.

This piece was written by Alexzandria Chill | UNT Graduate. Marketing Freak. Frankie Bev Fanatic. Adamant Knowledge Seeker. Lady of ZPHIB [Pearl Clu5]. Founder of Blog: @DPTaughtMe