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We at Watch The Yard recently came by this “Letter to moderate gun owners” written by hollywood actor Mike Rylander and we thought it would strike up a good discussion. In the wake of the multiple mass shootings in the last month, we want to know what you think after reading it. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.



Dear law-abiding, level-headed, moderate gun owners:

I hate to be dramatic, but you are the key to fixing this nation’s gun violence problem.

You have the power. You hold the cards. You can create real, meaningful change.

The folks on the left and the folks on the right are cemented in their respective stances. Their minds are made up, their opponents have automatically written each other off, their leaders serve their corresponding special interest groups that funded their campagins.

But you- those right in the political middle that own a gun for hunting, for sport, and for safe, sensible, legal self-defense- you are the key to solving this crisis.

I’m talking to those of you who don’t carry your loaded gun everywhere you go, who don’t believe we should all carry guns at all times, who don’t believe gun violence is solved with more guns, and who don’t believe obtaining a firearm should be easier than buying a car or getting a passport- you folks have the real power.

And we need you now.

Not tomorrow, not next month, not next November.


And “we” is not we who are anti-gun; “we” is we as in everyone. Citizens of America. Members of modern society. All of humanity.

One species, one shared planet.

You have the ability to cut though this noise and get folks on both sides of the aisle to listen.

You can disassociate from the NRA and other groups that seek push extremist one-sided agendas.

You can help us find ways to protect the fundamental tenants of the 2nd Ammendment while restricting easy access to deadly weapons for those who should not have the access.

You can help implement common sense approaches to making the process of purchasing and owning firearms more bureaucratic and controlled, all while maintaining our civil right to bear arms.

The solutions are not easy. The fight will be hard. But you – you have the power.

A moderate, politically-middle, purple state voter ready to talk even-ground compromise is a polling candidate’s white whale.

Peace-seeking, level-headed, like-minded legislators on both sides of the aisle will listen to moderate gun owners who come to the table ready to talk.

Moderate gun owners who are ready to get serious about enacting legislation that curbs gun violence while protecting Constitutional rights.

Moderate gun owners ready to talk compromise, and ready to change the status quo.

America needs you, moderate, level-headed, responsible gun owners.

We need you now more than ever.

If we let gun violence continue to be a partisan issue – us vs them, left vs right, Democrat vs Republican, liberal vs conservative – the blood will continue to be shed.

Please, if you fit this demographic, please take these words to heart. Please help us fix this country. Talk to other like-minded people. Tell your legislators how you feel. Demand action. Share this status.


You have the power.

Mike Rylander