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Looks like Brandy may not have as much love for the neckroll as some of you younger greeks out there on social media. Still, the recently inducted honorary AKA and award winning singer, is willing to have some fun with it.

Kevin McCall caught up with Brandy at SXSW in Austin last year and tried to get her to hit a neck roll on video. Brandy was a good sport and tried her best and even posted a video of it to Instagram. According to the caption on the post, this was the first time the singer had ever seen a neck roll but she made sure to keep it 100 and tell everybody that while she is an AKA, she is an honorary member and thus does not know everything about NPHC life.

“#SXSW @kevinmccallofficial #smh at this neck dance!! Why do you do that dumb dance Kevin??? Answer me damnit!! #wtf #thatneckrolltho and yeah I know I’m an #aka but I’m honorary which gives me the right to not know what this damn neck roll is/was. Lol”

Watch the video below:

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