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Omega Psi Phi’s Steve Harvey Didn’t Know Cameras Were Rolling When He Said This…

One of the best things about being in a Black fraternity or sorority is the wealth of life advice that is available from older and more successful members. Sometimes this advice is given in the form of tough love and unsolicited but at the end of the day it is always in good and is given to make you a better YOU.

Omega Psi Phi’s very own Steve Harvey, is a man with a wealth of advice. Many have watched his show “Family Feud” but do not know that Steve spends a few minutes talking to the audience and giving them advice at the end of every episode.

In the following unaired clip, you get to watch him giving an inspiring speech about stepping outside of your box and making the “jump.” In it, he passionately explains that in order to become successful in life, one needs to have faith and jump, something that all successful people have done.

This is an important message that we should all remember and SHARE with others.

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