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Omega Psi Phi’s very own Shaquille O’Neal surprised the “Florida Basketball Cop” on Saturday when he showed up at his department and went with him to surprise some neighborhood kids by playing some street ball with them.

Last week a video went viral of a white cop who was dispatched over a noise complaint of black kids playing basketball too loudly in the street. The officer in the video tells the kids “obviously, I ain’t got not problem with it” and then proceeds to start playing with them ending his visit with a slam dunk. Shaq, saw the video and thought he would reward both the officer and the kids with a visit.

Shaq arrived at the Gainesville Police Department Saturday and headed out to the same spot Officer Bobby White responded to a call last week which ended in a game of pick-up ball with local kids.

“Stay out of trouble, listen to your parents, respect your elders and you can be anything you want to be. I’m from the same neighborhood y’all from, I grew up just right there so, only you can change this. You can change it though basketball and showing respect to your peers like you did,” he told the kids. Shaq then handed out money he promised the kids saying “I’m a man of my word, listen don’t ever take money from a stranger, but I’m a man of my word.”

Shaq ended the visit by making the kids repeat the following after him: “I will. Become. Whatever. I Want To Be. I Will. Be. A Leader. And Not A Follower. I Will Respect. My Peers. My Elders And Especially My Parents.

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