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This Is How They Reveal New Grad Chapter Members of Omega Psi Phi in Virginia

After 17 years, the Sigma Kappa Kappa Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. is back!!!!

Holding the crown in Chesapeake, VA., this chapter has set the tone for what it means to be Owt and Enthused for Que Psi Phi!!!!!

According to a press release about the chapter:

“Sigma Kappa Kappa, originally organized in December 1997 and chartered in March 1998, was established by twelve (12) brothers looking to fill a community service void in the City of Chesapeake, VA.  Brothers Clifton Hayes, Samuel Jenkins, James D. Carter, Alvin Bernard Jolly, Samuel Bernard Goodwin, James M. Walton, Robert R. Ambrose, Claud Paige, Warren Tillman, Paul R. Brooks, Ernest L. Shannon, and Russell Perez Gatlin rose to the occasion and came together to form a union of educated men, committed to making a positive difference for citizens in Chesapeake.  The work of these brothers served as the foundational cornerstone for the Omega presence in the city.”

The “Suicide Squad” aka “RisQ it All” are four men thoroughly immersed in true Omega Spirit.

Watch as they give their all; displaying the lessons learned; the lessons earned!!!!

This video was shot by Rick-did-it.

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