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The NPHC at The University of Memphis Just Proved They Know How To Promote a Step Show With Style

The University of Memphis NPHC is hosting their annual Black History Month Step Show this month and they just released a video promoting it that we at Watch The Yard absolutely love.

In honor of Black History Month, the NPHC at University of Memphis shot a promotional video to showcase greek unity and the efforts of their newly elected executive board.

According to one of the greeks at the school who submitted the video to Watch The Yard, “Memphis NPHC is rebranding and excited to enhance the livelihood of our campus through creating quality programs for our student body.”

The video that they shot highlights the class, unity, and pride that is the University of Memphis NPHC.

Check out the full video that was skillfully shot by shot by Jonathan Ford for yourself below:

The step show will take place at the Elma Roane Fieldhouse on February 16, 2019 at 7pm. Make sure to purchase tickets and support these brothers and sisters.

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