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We Interviewed Black Fraternity and Sorority Members About Guns, This Is What We Found Out

With the large conversation about guns happening across the country over the last week, we at Watch The Yard thought it would be interesting to find out where our audience, the vast majority of whom are members of Black fraternities and sororities, stands when it comes to firearms.

We used the polling function on our Instagram and asked 13 yes or no questions to our audience about their experiences and thoughts with and about guns. Over 4,000 people responded to our questions.

Here are some quick things to note before taking a look at the results:

Instagram is a platform that has a younger audience than Facebook. This reflects with our audience breakdown across the two platforms, where our Facebook community tends to have more older followers than Instagram which skews younger. Our current Instagram audience breakdown by age is 41%  18-24, 32% 25-35, 16% 34-44, 7% 45-55, 1% 55-64 and 2% 65+. This being said, it is best to assume that the majority of the respondents were between the ages of 18 and 44. 61% of our Instagram audience identifies as women and 39% identify as men.

Check out the results below.

Votes – Yes: 775 No: 3,132

Votes – Yes: 1,630 No: 2,374

Votes – Yes: 3,077 No: 626

Votes – Yes: 209 No: 3,116

Votes – Yes: 742 No: 2,427

Votes – Yes: 2,288 No:1,196

Votes – Yes: 487 No: 2,886

Votes – Yes: 1,666 No: 1,365

Votes – Yes: 2,051 No: 1,276

Votes – Yes: 914 No: 2,471

Votes – Yes: 551 No: 2,743

Votes – Yes: 113 No: 3,237

Votes – Yes: 2,621 No: 676

We hope this data helps inform your debates and discussions around the subject. These results prove once again that Black fraternity and sorority members are not a monolith.

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