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This University of West Georgia SGRho Just Remixed ‘No Brainer’ and Brought a Ton of Positive Attention To Her School

This SGRho in Georgia got the WHOLE University involved in this campus-wide initiative!

Agnes Hina is a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. at the University of West Georgia in Carrollton, GA, roughly 45 miles outside of Atlanta. Agnes created a concept that once brought to fruition, was executed and accepted by the entire university!

Agnes partnered with recording artist Meraki Anoir to write a parody remix to the hit song “No Brainer”, but added a twist to show her enthusiasm and love for her university. The song is intended to promote awareness as well as additional exposure to the University of West Georgia, and highlight some of the amazing things they are doing on campus. Some of the lyrics include references to a brand new biology building, dining facilities, the sports programs, student activities, campus culture and diversity, among other topics.

This project not only emphasizes the school in song, but also in school participation. Faculty, staff, students, student athletes and more are all featured in the video singing along and showing the type of unity and camaraderie that most people want to see in a prospective educational institution.

The video, which was filmed and edited over the course of several weeks by Agnes who is an initiate of the Lambda Epsilon chapter, enlisted the support of some of her chapter sisters to participate.

The school was so proud of the video that they posted it on the university’s official social media channels.

If you are a proud UWG alumn, SGRho, or just enjoy the song make sure to share the video below with your network!

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