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Submissions Are Now Open for Watch The Yard’s ‘Best Dressed Deans of Spring 2019’

Every semester Watch The Yard makes a list of the Best Dressed Deans of the semester highlighting the evolving fashion of Black greek culture.

We choose the top photos from the semester, celebrating personal expressions of pride, joy and tradition through clothing.

If you think your chapter had a dean who should make the list, do the following.

  1. Post the best photo of your chapter’s Spring 2019 dean to a public Instagram page
  2. Tag @watchtheyard inside of the photo
  3. Use the hashtag #WatchTheYardDeans in the caption
  4. Include a description of the Dean in the caption that includes where + when they crossed and what they are studying or doing for work.

Do not send us DM’s of the photos, for us to feature the picture it needs to be on a public Instagram page. We will be embedding the posts, so make sure that the photo is posted to a page where it won’t be deleted later because that would mean it will disappear  from the site. The best strategy is to post the to the chapter’s IG page or a page where it won’t later be deleted.

Submissions close at 3pm ET on Thursday (7/19/2019)

Here are some examples of the photos that made last year’s list. These brothers and sisters look amazing and represent their chapters, schools, organizations, and legacy to the fullest.

Check out the who made the list in the Fall.

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