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15 Time-Flexible Side Hustles Every Black 20-Something Should Think About Doing

It’s summer time and some of you are doing low-paying internships, jobs and programs. Others have graduated and are in the market looking for new opportunities to kick off your career. While you may be adding great stuff to your resumes, let us be real for a second, you may not be getting paid enough.

That is why we at have created the following list of side-hustles that while they may not be glamorous, will allow you to keep your dignity, learn new skills and most importantly pay them damn bills.


Check out the list below:

1.  Lyft or Uber Driver

If you have a car that is under 5 years old Uber or Lyft definitely could be the come up for you. It allows you to use your own car as a taxi via your phone and you can do it whenever you have free time. If you are in dire need for cash but want to keep up appearances and still have a flexible schedule driving for Uber or Lyft on the weekend could be a great way to make enough money to pay your rent or that Sallie Mae loan that you dread each month.

2.  Personal Training

Are you fit? Are you someone who knows about fitness? Someone you know wants to get in shape and is probably willing to pay you to learn how to use the gym. Fitness instructors often cost a lot and people in their 20s and 30s might not have enough money to pay for that service. You could be the alternative. Charge your friends 50 bucks to go to the gym with them twice and set up a workout plan. If it works well they will refer their friends to you and you could start a decent and flexible side hustle.

3.  Etsy

Are you crafty? Etsy might be the come up for you! You can sell your creations from clothing to crafts to toys and jewelry and make money while building your business. For this you will often have to build up a following so it might take a while but it has the opportunity of being lucrative while allowing you an open schedule to look for other job opportunities.

(Since we are a site that deals with black fraternities we do want to warn you that even if you are a member of an org, you have to pay the org in order to sell things with their letters and branding on them. We don’t want you out here getting sued.)

4.  RedBox

You you can get paid to stock DVDs into Redbox kiosks in your area. Check out Redbox Jobs.

5.  Fill Out Online Surveys

There are a lot of sites that will pay you money for taking surveys online. Be careful though because not all of them are legit. If you can find a good one though you can make money via gift cards or cold hard cash.

6.  Fiverr

Do you have a deep voice that would work well at voice overs? Do you know how to use photoshop? You should check out Fiverr. It is a place where you can offer quick and easy services for $5. If you are able to do these quickly, there is now way that you won’t be bringing in a decent amount of extra money for food.

7.  Sell Your Photos Online

Do you take amazing photos? You can actually sell your photos online at places like iStockPhotoShutterstock, and Bigstockphoto. Photos can be sold multiple times, which can give you a residual income!

8.  User Testing

Companies will pay you to try out their apps or visit their websites and give them feedback. Check out Usertesting and Testbirds

9.  Airbnb

Do you have an extra room in your apartment that you need to fill? You can charge people who are visiting your city to stay in your apartment while you are gone. Also if you are really tight on cash you can rent out your own place for a weekend and stay on a friends couch for free while the Airbnb person takes your room to make extra money.

10.  Babysitting

Babysitting is not just for teenagers. You can advertise to all of your close friends that you will watch their kids so they can have a date night and pick up some much needed cash. Check out to become a certified/recommended babysitter in your area.

11.  Clean Pools

If you live in an area with a hot climate this might be an easy way to make cash. Go on Google Earth and find people who have pools and then ask them if they need someone to clean them. If you live in the south, this could be something you could do all year.

12.  Drive People to the Airport

Many airports do not let people take Uber or Lyft to drop people off or pick them up. You can tell your friends that you will pick them up or drop them off for half of the cost of an Uber and still make a decent amount of money. All it takes is a couple of Facebook posts each month.

13.  Mobil Oil Change

Let people know that you will do their oil change while they are at work. Instead of going to the shop to get it changed they can support you and save a whole lot time. Buy some oil and show up in the parking lot of their work, grab the keys from them, change the oil and then collect your money. This could end up being profitable because if you do it right the whole office might want you to service their cars.

14.  TaskRabbit

You can be a task rabbit  and offer put people’s Ikea furniture together for them. You can also be a  bartender at their party, mount the TV to their wall, set up their wifi or even do their grocery shopping.

15. Teaching Music

With a love for music, teaching, and working with kids, you could start a part-time music teaching business.

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