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The Nupes at Wichita State University Did A Gospel Themed Neophyte Presentation

Have you seen how those Kappas in Kansas get down?

Check out this  recap of the the Delta Upsilon Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. presenting their latest line. The line, which was named “Kings of Diamonds,” came on point and was full of surprises.

We definitely have to show love to these brothers for their hard work and dedication. The way that they tricked the crowd during the first 8 minutes of the probate was pure genius.

These young brothers had the audience captivated by their gospel themed probate, with a minister MC that kept everyone engaged from start to finish.

The line ‘King of Diamonds‘ (K.O.D) includes:
DP: @nupetember_
ADP: @chaz_young10
Ace: @chrischriss23
Deuce: @moneymakin.mali
Tr3/RoKK: @sheneedsjayr
Quad: @_shelovesmj
Live Five: @king__foreman
6 Klub: @metalskin
7 Klub: @elisha_lewis
Tail Klub: @swaggy.rez

Check it out in the video below:

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