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Seven Reasons You Shouldn’t Donate Your Old Greek Paraphernalia

Donating and giving to charity is a universal value of Black greekdom but when it comes to giving away your old greek apparel, there needs to be an exception made.

Now don’t get us wrong, we at are all for giving someone in need the shirt off your back, but when it comes to recycling your old paraphernalia we advise that you either give the clothes to someone in your organization or throw them away completely.

When you donate your letters, they can end up in a thrift store, Goodwill, or vintage shop and people who know nothing about NPHC culture may end up buying them because they are good shirts/coats or simply look cool. This is not their fault at all, it is your fault for putting these items in their hands.

There is not much more need for explanation than that. We will let the following seven pictures do the talking…

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