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A Perfect Example Of What The Yard Looked Like Back In 1990

Want to know what “the yard” looked like 23 years ago?

This video was shot the day before a big step show at California State University, Chico 23 years ago in 1990. It is a perfect look at what “the yard” used to look like back in the day and features interviews with Ques, Kappas, Sigmas, Alphas, Deltas and AKAs.

After watching it you will realize that not that much has changed on “the yard”:

  • Ques: Da Bruhz are still Da Bruhz and Da Bruhz will always be Da Bruhz
  • Sigmas: Still clown and make jokes just like they did back in the day
  • Kappas: Will stay and forever be “too cool” when interviewed about their org
  • Alphas: “Ain’t nothin change!” Neos, no matter what organization, will always be neos!
  • AKAs: Love to be on camera

Were you a greek in the 90s and was this a good depiction of your yard?

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