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Kappa Alpha Psi Brother Cofounds Non-Profit That Gives Young Adults With Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Meaningful Social Experiences

A brother of Kappa Alpha Psi has teamed up with his mother to cofound a non-profit that gives young adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) fun and meaningful social experiences.

The organization, which goes by the name of Out’N’About is located in the DMV area was founded by Kappa Alpha Psi brother, Amir Williams and his mother Felicia Jackson.

“Our VISION is a world of inclusion, where young adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) are able to regularly socialize and have experiences that ultimately lead to more independent, fulfilling, and happy lives. We strive to be instrumental in bringing this vision to fruition by continuing to seek, provide and/or create ways for our participants to grow socially – both as individuals and as part of society in general,” Out’N’About’s website states.

“Though my background is not in education and human development, I have witnessed, firsthand, a positive impact when young people with IDD have regular social interactions and feel included in a peer group,” Amir stated. “They seem to become more confident and independent and I feel fortunate and honored to be instrumental in helping to improve their quality of life. I try not to focus on their disabilities and would rather keep in mind that these are young adults, who want to have interaction, experiences and fun with friends–just like any other person in our age group.”

With group trips to baseball games, TopGolf, Medieval Times, basketball games, bowling and a wide range of other fun and exciting places, Out’N’About creates a space for social inclusion of its participants.

“The societal impact of our mission-introducing the community to our participants and our participants to the community-assures that they are no longer in the shadows or on the fringes of society. Though greatly under-served, our friends with IDD deserve to be more than just spectators as the rest of us enjoy full and active lives. Oftentimes what is needed is not for us to treat them differently, but to provide, create or even just allow them the opportunity for inclusion. At #ONA we have formed relationships with many young people and their families and we understand how the social isolation of a person with IDD affects everyone in that family. By creating relationships with community businesses, donors and supporters, our participants are able enjoy nights/days #Out’N’About making friends, having new experiences and enjoying life!”

We at Watch The Yard would like to commend Out’N’About for what it is doing to create spaces of social inclusion for those who have a tough time finding it. If you are interested in getting involved or know a young adult with IDD who would benefit by participating in the program click here.

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