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One Of The Nation’s Largest Universities Just Crowned Its First Black Homecoming King And Queen Duo

The University of Central Florida just crowned its first Black Homecoming King and Queen duo!

Kevin Louidor, a junior studying Health Service Administration and a brother of Kappa Alpha Psi became the first Black Homecoming King at the Univeristy in 30 years and Sabrina Jérôme, a senior studying Region and Cultural Studies/Political Sciences. Both students are Haitian-American.

According to its website, the school is the largest university in the United States by undergraduate enrollment, as well as the largest by total enrollment. Having two Black students win the Homecoming King and Queen positions is a VERY big deal for the school, nation,Black people, Haitian-Americans, Kappas and Floridians to be proud about.

Kevin posted this the following post to Instagram after winning,

Sabrina posted the following after winning:

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