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[Photos] These Kappa Alpha Psi Brothers Teamed Up For A Steamy Calendar To Support Non-Profits in New York

A group of brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi are using their good looks to raise money for grassroots youth programs in New York.

The 12-month calendar showcases Kappa men, representing each of the selected organizations in New York. All proceeds from calendar sales will go toward two of the organizations who get the most votes by those who have purchased calendars, people who have reposted the photos on their social accounts or messaged the calendar makers.

The calendar organizations include: Black Boys Coding, Rebuilding Our Children and Community, Inc., Youth Mentoring / Professional Development, Changing the Community, Herman Outreach Program, The Bed Stuy Campaign Against Hunger, Youth Futures, B + Healthy Foods, NLB Next Level Conditioning with Kala Gause, Bonded, The PassportSociety, and Tru Heart.

“In today’s society, our community partners have taken necessary actions to empower & mentor our youth with in the community. It’s up to us to help keep their dreams alive by investing our time & assets, while increasing their visibility,” said Earnest Waters, a Kappa Alpha Psi member.

“We wanted to come up with a creative way to give back to these organizations while inspiring others to do the same. This spearheaded the idea to create the annual Melanin Achievement Calendar, or MAC. The goal is to increase awareness about the many grassroots programs in NEW YORK that aim to give youth the tools they need to succeed. So we’re hoping the community would support this cause and our children.” 

Check out some of the photos from the shoot below:

Featured models include: @Jerry_SpringHer, @Just_Josh_, @longlivelekan, @lakimd, @ozanidas, @theboyskout, @Kalvin_Klein, @mostwantedgainz

Sales of the calendar can be found here.