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The Kappas at North Carolina A&T Just Set The Standard For 2020 Chapter Highlight Videos

With COVID-19, distance learning, and the overall fact that college life is not what it usually is during the Fall semester of 2020, having a strong digital footprint is essential to Black fraternity and sorority chapters.

The brothers of the Alpha Nu Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. recently set the standard by creating one of the best digital chapter introductions we at Watch The Yard have ever seen.

Their 7-minute video features members of their chapter highlighting the chapter, their fraternity, their mission and their signature Alpha Nu Chapter signature style.

Video Credit: Stovetop Visuals

We at Watch The Yard caught up with the chapter brothers and talked to them about why they made the video.

“In an effort to show the public what the brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi are about, we had to be creative during this time of a pandemic,” Alpha Nu Chapter Polemarch, Arthur Claiborne stated. “We were given the task to create an interactive ‘Meet The Greeks’ presentation from our Office of Fraternity and Sorority Engagement here at North Carolina A&T State University. We saw this opportunity not only as a way to help boost our reputation in the Fraternity and community, but to show people how the members of this Noble Fraternity continue to Achieve in every field of human endeavor”

While the video is a great way to promote the chapter on campus, engage alumni and highlight what these brothers are doing on a national level, it is also a way to document Black fraternity culture for future generations, something that we at Watch The Yard are dedicated to doing and promoting.

“I think it’s important for our chapter to document itself for future generations with video because it gives future generations insight of the past, showing people that we’ve always have worked to exceed expectations. We want to push the future generations to surpass what we’re doing now,” the chapter’s Keeper of Records, Bryce Dickerson stated.

And that is not all, within just four hours of the stroll at the end of their video being posted on Watch The Yard’s Instagram account, the video had garnered over 30,000 views.

“Everything about this video is on point. These young brothers should be extremely proud of themselves. We need to see more of this from chapters across the nation. This is how you use the internet to promote your chapter in 2020. Their prophytes must be so proud of them,” Watch The Yard founder Jonathan Rabb stated after seeing the video.

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