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The state House of Representatives in Pennsylvania unanimously voted to honor October 20th as “Kappa Alpha Psi Day,” pursuant to state Rep. Stephen Kinsey’s H.R. 492.

Rep. Kinsey who pushed this through is has been a member of Kappa Alpha Psi for more than 34 years. He said that he was proud to sponsor the resolution and thanking his colleagues for their support. Members of the fraternity were honored in the House Chamber as the resolution was adopted.

“The motto of Kappa Alpha Psi is ‘Achievement in every field of human endeavor,’” said Kinsey, D-Philadelphia. “Keeping with its motto, Kappa Alpha Psi has consistently advanced the ideas of its founding members with achievers in the fields of science, arts, education, sports, entertainment and politics.

“To my brothers in attendance and across the commonwealth, I urge you to keep carrying the torch of knowledge and service. Ours is a proud tradition, one that goes beyond our membership into our communities, cities, states, nation and the world over.”