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Is This The Best Iota Probate Of 2014?

Could this be the best Iota probate of 2014?

The Evil Eta Chapter of Iota Phi Theta at Virginia State University presents their Spring 14 “The Freedom Riders aka The Refugees.

1. Denzel Davis/Line Name – The Ghost Rider Alias – Geo-Dude
2. Maleik Pride/Line Name – The Activist Alias – Gravey -ite
3. Wanya Wilson/Line Name – Black Owt Alias – The Peacemaker
4. Darien Pope/Line Name – Colossus Alias – Thor
5. Bradford Bearden/Line Name – RhymeFest Alias – The Outcast
6. Devin Harrington/Line Name – Rhythm & Blues Alias – The Composer
7. Omega/Line Name – NoTAURius B.I.G Alias- The Longest Yard

Did they hold it down for the BOW and the SHIELD? Rate their probate from 1-10 in the comment section below?