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Are you a member of a BGLO who has some knowledge to share with the rest of greekdom?

We at are urgently looking for members of Black Greek fraternities and sororities who can write short pieces on the history of Black greekdom. We are especially looking for fraternity and sorority elders who can write about little know greek facts, trivia and stories so that we can document these pieces of information and share them with future generations.

No we don’t want to know the secret traditions or practices of your fraternity/sorority, but we do want you to clear up any common misconceptions about the histories of your org and highlight historical moments that others do not know about. We also want to shine light on the little known stories of black greekdom. prides itself on being the digital center for Black Greek culture. Last month alone, over 1 million people came to our website and read 2.2 million stories. We want to provide our community with more stories about Black greekdom that can be passed down so that a wider audience of people can understand how rich, beautiful and impressive our culture and history is.

Please share and spread the word about this with as many people as possible.

Fill out the application below and we will get in contact with you.