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Black Fraternity Members and HBCU Grads Create Show That Reviews Products from Black-Owned Businesses

A group of Black fraternity members and HBCU graduates have teamed up to create a show that reviews products from Black-owned businesses.

The show that they have created is called The Urban Retrospect and according to the creators, its goal is to “give honest, down-to-earth feedback about Black-Owned products for use in our everyday lives.”

So far, the show has reviewed products including everything from cigars, coffee, clothing, bourbon, BBQ, whiskey, cookies to even socks that have been created by Black-owned companies.

The show is hosted by:

Wesley Newell

Tennessee State University
Phi Beta Sigma
Awesome Zeta Alpha
Fall 98 – 7up

Ramsey James

Tennessee State University
Κappa Alpha Psi
Hendersonville (TN) Alumni Chapter
Fall 2001 – Kharisma

Scott Jones

Indiana State University
Κappa Alpha Psi
Knoxville (TN) Alumni Chapter
Spr. ‘99 – Kapone

Parren Burnette

“Simply P”
Tennessee State University

Kendrick Cloud

Tennessee State University
Omega Psi Phi – MIGHTY ΡΨ
Spring 2000

Julius Lockett, III

Tennessee State University

Greg Jones “Big G”

Kentucky State University
Kappa Alpha Psi
Cincinnati (OH) Alumni Chapter
Fall 2010

To watch their show click here.

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