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In a world where there is little children’s programming targeted at families of African ancestry, there is now an animated series coming out of Nigeria which is positioning itself to change the game.

“Bino and Fino” is a Nigerian-produced show that explores the continent of Africa from an African perspective while at the same time teaching children about science, history, culture and geography. The show, which was initially created in 2010 recently released the trailer for their international debut.

Bino and Fino is being aired across the UK, Nigeria, and South Africa, and can be watched online on Rainbowme, AfroLand TV as well as on YouTube. The show features a Nigerian family played by Nigerian voice actors and is full of culture.

Please share this with anyone who has or teaches young children, this is great educational material.

Click here to watch the trailer and then click on the arrows below to watch their episode on Nigerian Independence Day, cooking, dancing “Azonto”, and counting to 10 in Igbo.

Click on the arrows below to see the rest of the videos!

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