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Proof that the Deltas at Bethune-Cookman have Literally ALL OF THE CHANTS!

One often overlooked aspect of yard shows are the chants that sorority/fraternity members do.

Ever since the earliest days of Black greekdom, there has been a culture of sororities testing the wit of other sororities through a culture of performance chants. One sorority would sound off on the yard and chant something about the other sorority to make the crowd laugh and the target sorority would reply with a chant directed back at them. This game of chanting would create a public spectacle but in no way was meant to hurt individual members of the opposite sorority. This game was a form of blowing off steam, having friendly competition and establishing who was boss on campus and ran the yard.

The culture of competitive chants continues today but was more prevalent in the 1970s, 1980s and even into the 90s. The Deltas at Bethune-Cookman, however, have not let this aspect of the culture fade away and after we saw their recent yard show, we realized that these sisters have an endless amount of chants. Like literally, these ladies have at least 1913 chants just ready to go at any moment.

Want proof? Just check out the two videos below!

Shot by Lucky7efty Productions

Shot by Common Black College Application

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