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Must See: K Michelle Speaks Out On VH1’s Sorority Sisters

Singer K Michelle may be part of the VH1 family and friends with Mona Scott Young, but her allegiance lies with her beloved Delta Sigma Theta.

The “VSOP” singer opened up to 92Q’s Kiki Brown this morning when asked about the airing of VH1’s “Sorority Sisters” and called it inappropriate.

“I’m real, it’s not appropriate,” she stated. “Like, I love Mona, I love VH1 to death, they are all my family but I’m not a fake person in my beliefs. That should have never been touched, something should be sacred for us. Especially at a time when our Black community is struggling so much with things, the sororities and fraternities are the one things that we look to in college that uplift the community. You know, things aren’t peaches and cream, but everything does not need to be exposed when it comes to that. I’m a Delta, I have acted a fool on TV, but at the same time I didn’t do it with the Delta Sigma Theta tatted on my back in front of people.”

“I have no respect for those women, they can get mad if they want to. I don’t care,” she stated.

Watch the video below to find out what else she had to say.

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