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Roland Martin invited comedian/host Kym Whitley to his News One Now show on TV One and the two got into an exchange about how she reps her org, Delta Sigma Theta, Inc.

At the end of the playful interview, Roland asked Kym, “Do you know how to OO-OOP?” Kim responded with the Delta call. “Just like a seal lion, a sea lion, a walrus” she said describing the call.

Moments later, Roland calls her out for how she threw up to the Delta sign a the Delta convention and said that her pinkies were not acting right, to which she jokingly replied, “You have to understand, the AKAs wanted me, first of all. I went to Deltas on my own. So I have been struggling, see my pinkie been coming out because [the AKAs] keep calling me on my phone.”

Kym joined Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., as a student at Fisk University where she became an initiate of  the Alpha Beta chapter.

Watch the video below. Skip to the 6:30 mark to watch.