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Delta Sigma Theta Issues Statement on the Treatment of Haitian Migrants by US Border Patrol Agents

The sorority sisters of Delta Sigma Theta took to social media to make a statement about the treatment of Haitian migrants in Texas by US Border Patrol Agents.

“The members of Delta Sigma Theta are dismayed by the images of US Border Patrol Agents and Haitian migrants in Texas. The deportation of Haitian migrants under the guise of a public health emergency presents a human and civil rights violation- along with an apparent double standard- that must end now,” the sorority wrote in the caption of a post on their official Instagram account.

“Delta Sigma Theta is calling on the Biden administration to cease the deportation of Haitians and allow Haitian migrants the fair and legal opportunity to seek asylum under the law. Further, we call for the immediate investigation of the conditions at the border and to invest resources to prevent it from ever happening again.” 

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