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The Nupes and the Deltas have always had a special connection and we have a proof!

While looking through the State Historical Society of Iowa’s records, we at came across scanned microfilm of a report on a thanksgiving banquet that was held between the men of the Kappa Alpha Psi and the women of Delta Sigma Theta’s Delta Chapter at the University of Iowa in 1919.

It turns out that this banquet happened the same year that the Delta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta was chartered at the University of Iowa and this just so happens to be one of the first parties thrown by the sorority in its house which is special because it happens to be the first Delta house in the history of the sorority.

Read the account below and see how undergrads used to throw events and make sure that you recognize that after making the kappa pledges sing, “the remainder of the evening was taken up by dancing. Everyone reported an enjoyable Thanksgiving day.”

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[Note: The women displayed in the featured image are from the Beta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta around the same time that this party was thrown.]