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The Fall 1999 Line of Deltas from NCCU Did This STUNNING Photoshoot to Celebrate Their 20th DELTAversary

Photo Credit: @ElizabethAshleyCo

The women of Delta Sigma Theta do not play when it comes to STYLE and SISTERHOOD!

To celebrate their 20th crossing anniversary, the women of the Fall 1999 line of the Alpha Lambda Chapter of DST at North Carolina Central University teamed up with photographer @ElizabethAshleyCo for a STUNNING photoshoot.

“Sisterhood is the Epitome of our Line…Alpha Lambda Fall 99 has had many challenges due to the size of our line but we’ve always rose above our own expectations,” one of the sorors told Watch The Yard in a message. “Our strong sisterhood is so strong that it wouldnt allow our bond to break even under the worst conditions. ALFall99’s Line song that was written by our big sister ALSpr95 Marla, has a very important phrase that states “We walked hand in hand, we crossed those burning sands, Fall 99 Together We Stand.” Together We Stand means everything to us….. What ever we do in life, we do it together.  We are our sisters keeper!”

Check out the stunning photos for yourself below:

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