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The Westboro Baptist Church showed up on the campus of Northern Kentucky University today and the students dealt them one of the most epic roast sessions of all time.

The Westboro Baptist Church is an unaffiliated Baptist church that is known for its hate speech, especially against LGBT people (they show up outside of gay peoples’ funerals with signs saying “God Hates Fags”, Jews, and politicians.) They are a well known hate group that is so bad that it is currently being monitored by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the same organization that keep track on the KKK and white supremacist groups in the United States.

When they showed up at Northern Kentucky University today the students were ready and went in on them like true comedians, clowning them for their hate speech and utter ridiculousness.

And then it happened…one student walked up to one of the hate preachers in front of the crowd and hit them with one of the most epic shoe disses of all time! He cocked his hand back, pointed at the dude’s shoes and screamed “WHAT ARE THOOOOOOSE?!” The crowd reaction was HILARIOUS!

We at were able to obtain EXCLUSIVE video of this epic moment in roasting history.

This kid is a legend.