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A Syracuse University Engineering Fraternity Just Got Suspended for This Super Racist Video

Source: The Daily Orange

Syracuse University just suspended the Theta Tau engineering fraternity today after finding a video of members doing a play/performance that according to the university’s chancellor was “extremely racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, sexist and hostile to people with disabilities.”

An article by the New York Times describes the video best:

“The video — which The Daily Orange, Syracuse’s independent student newspaper, obtained and published after the university declined to release it, citing its continuing investigation — includes a pledge “to always have hatred in my heart” for African-Americans, Hispanics and Jews, all of whom are referred to with slurs. One member of the fraternity, Theta Tau, tells Jews to get in the shower, an allusion to the Nazis’ gas chambers. The video, about six minutes long, also shows members of the fraternity laughing while pretending to masturbate each other and perform oral sex.”

Watch the video below.  CAUTION: It is NSFW and contains expletives.

The school has since suspended the fraternity and Chancellor Kent Syverud released the following statement on Wednesday.