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The song “Swag Surfin” was released in 2009 and unlike the other songs with accompanying dances from that era which have drifted into obscurity, this particular song and dance has embedded itself into the cultural fiber of the black college experience.

From HBCUs, where it can be seen at almost every event with a loudspeaker to predominantly white institutions where black students play it at turned up cultural events, this dance has become a right of passage for the modern black college student. This has gotten to the point that if you went to college between 2009 and now, are black and never were involved in the ocean of tumultuous leaning and swaying that is a Swag Surf, you have not fully enjoyed the black college cultural experience.

One instagrammer perfectly described the experience stating, “At an HBCU, Swag Surfin is a spiritual event of cultural bonding…” and we believe that this goes for groups of Black college students a PWIs as well.

Much like a first kiss, most people remember the first time they were surrounded by fellow black students moving together in a swag surf in college. Do you remember your first Swag Surf? Tell us about it in the comment section below and share this article with your friends on social media if you agree.

Click on the arrows below to see proof from schools from Howard to VSU to Spelman and Morehouse that Swag Surfin has become a cultural phenomenon.

Howard Basketball Game

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