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Chris Sumlin, a junior at Morehouse College, has come up with an amazing way to teach people how to improve their resumes by incorporating Beyonce lyrics into his tutorial videos.
We at reached out to the Cinema, Television & Emerging Media Studies major and asked him about how he came up with the idea. “I have made a name for myself on campus as someone who helps people get jobs and internships,” he told us. “Ever since my internship at FOX Studios in Los Angeles this past summer, guys all over Morehouse ask me for advice on their resumes and how to interview.”
According to Chris, the best way to teach others is to implement things that college students are interested in.
“My life’s work is to help teach big, relevant topics to help millennials become their best selves. These topics include: career development, literacy and branding,” he told “When I was helping people with their resumes and interviewing skills I found myself encountering the same errors and issues. Because of this I decided to create captivating videos addressing the issues that I found my peers struggling with. I knew I had to intersect my teachings with something fun and captivating that’s what led me to Beyoncé and the other pop artists.”

Chris has since made other videos featuring J. Cole and Chris Brown lyrics to help millennials with best practices for LinkedIn profiles as well as help them navigate their freshman year.

“I just hope I can continue to teach my peers and get my message out to as many millennials as possible,” he said.

Check out Chris’ video titled “The 6 Best Resume Building Tips Using Beyoncé Lyrics”!

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