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Students at Morehouse Are Celebrating Du-Rag Day

Did you know that there is a National Du-Rag Day?

Yes, that’s right, there are people celebrating the Du Rag including a group of students at Morehouse who collectively rocked multicolored Du Rags on campus yesterday.

According to one of the participants, National Du Rag-Day was established on their campus to highlight Black aestheticism and individuality of Black men.

The event was started by @dodias_ and was supported by major Morehouse campus organizations including the SGA and CASA (homecoming committee).

Check out some of the photos from Morehouse’s National Du-Rag Day below!

If you scroll to the left on the post below you can also see a video that the students took.

In other news, the whole AUC might be seasick for the rest of the week due to all of those WAVVVVEESS!

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