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Five Countries Where Americans Can Get a Great Graduate Degree From a Top Ranked University for the Low (Or Free)

Let’s face it, there is a very good chance that your undergrad degree has put you in a lot of debt and the only reason you are not thinking about continuing your education and getting a masters or even a PhD is because you are scared about owing Sallie Mae even more money.

But what if you thought outside the box? Did you know that you can get an internationally accredited masters degree outside of the US and do it all in english? It is true, most countries outside of the United States don’t cripple their brightest and best with heavy debt and in comparison to US standards basically offer educations to anyone who can get into their programs for free.

Click on the arrows below to see our list of countries where you can get an amazing grad degree for almost free! Please share this list with as many people as possible on social media and help them think outside the box when it comes to advancing their careers!



Singapore National University is ranked at number 30 in the world, and tuition is only around $4,000 a year for international graduate students. If you are interested in doing asian studies or business this may be the place for you to think about grad school. Singapore offers a melting pot of Asian cultures, a high quality graduate education, affordable living costs.

Click on the arrows below to see our list of countries

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