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Opportunity Alert: The Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship Is Taking 16 Students Of Color To Ireland For Free This Summer

Do you know of a student of color who is interested in traveling to Dublin, Ireland for free this summer?

The Council On International Educational Exchange (CIEE) has opened up applications for their Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship, a fully funded summer study abroad program for students of color. The fellowship, celebrates the 175th anniversary of Frederick Douglass’s travel abroad in which he visited Ireland and honors his legacy as an abolitionist and a statesman.

Frederick Douglass spent four months in Ireland at the end of 1845 and he described the experience as “transformative”. According to Frederick Douglass in Ireland: In His Own Words, Volume 1 by Christine Kinealy, “He reported that for the first time in his life he felt like a man, and not a chattel. Whilst in residence, he became a spokesperson for the abolition movement, but by the time he left the country in early January 1846, he believed that the cause of the slave was the cause of the oppressed everywhere.”

This specific fellowship will award 16 students the unique international experience that will empower students with leadership and cross-cultural skills.

As a way to incentivize students to apply, all qualified applicants are guaranteed a $1,500 grant toward a CIEE summer, fall ’22 or spring ’23 study abroad program if not selected as a fellow.

If you know of someone who should apply have them click here for more information as well as the application portal.


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