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The Person In Your Black Fraternity/Sorority Who Picks You Up From The Airport Is The Realest Person In Your Chapter

It is time for us to appreciate some of the most overlooked and under-appreciated  people in any Black fraternity or sorority alumni or undergraduate chapter…drumroll…the brother or sister who picks you up from or drops you off at the airport.

Out of all of the roles in your chapter or org, there are few roles that display more signs of brotherhood or sisterhood on a micro level than the person who takes time out of their day to pick you up or drop you off at the airport. These people show selfless care for the well-being of their brothers or sisters and thats why we at Watch The Yard are celebrating them today.

Yeah you could call Uber or Lyft, but why do that when you have a line brother/sister, old head, or neophyte to pick you up and welcome you to the city or drop you off and wish you farewell.

Here’s looking at you, good brother. Here’s looking at you, good sister.

“You are appreciated” *Tupac voice*

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