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Back In The Day

This Is How The Texas Brothers Of Kappa Alpha Psi Did Step Shows In 1993

Let it be known that the NUPES of Kappa Alpha Psi had the 90s on LOCK!

The original Hayz County Nupes of Lambda Theta blew up the stage at the Fall ’93 Texas State University (formerly known as Southwest Texas State University) Homecoming Step Show. Initially not slated to perform, Lambda Theta reached a last-minute agreement with SWT’s Pan-Hellenic Council and coordinated their show-winning routine the week of homecoming. ‪

Yeah, that’s right! Back then these Nupes were such dedicated Kane Masters that they were able to throw this stunning show together in LESS THAN A WEEK.

Watch and learn youngins, this is how it is done!

Thanks to trojanworks1 for uploading this video.

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