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This NCCU Graduate Created a Farewell Video to His HBCU That Will Pull At Your Heartstrings

It is graduation season and we have a video from North Carolina Central University that you need to check out.

NCCU Alum, Richard McLeod, recently created a powerful ode to the city of Durham and his college experience that will move you.

McLeod, who is a member of the Gamma Beta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha recently received his B.S in Physical Education with a concentration in Fitness and Wellness.

In the video, he highlights both his pride for where he comes from and where he is going but also the trauma and the struggles that he has had to face.

“Everybody has a story, everybody has been through trauma, I’m no different than anybody else,” he told Watch The Yard in an email. “Self identification is key. Regardless of what you’ve gone through, Regardless of the odds not being in your favor, it’s imperative to maintain positivity.”

“Choose what experiences you let define you. We are products of our environment, but we get to decide which products continue define us.”

Check out his full video below:

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