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This Is How the Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha at Fisk University Reveal New Members

The brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha at Fisk University are ICE COLD!

The Alpha Chi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, which happens to be the 43rd House of the fraternity, recently revealed its Fall 2017 initiates. The line, which was named “6 S.O.L.I.D.” held it down for 1906 and made their prophytes proud.

The 6 S. O. L. I. D. line includes the following new initiates:

Ace: Nehemiah Barker aka King Midas

Deuce: Joel Wallace aka ONYX

Tre: Jade Fowler aka Osiris

Quad: Charles Montgomery aka Thoth Live

Phive: Alain Dumas aka C.O.L.D. Assassin

Tail: George Johnson aka Head Honcho

Check out their neophyte presentation below!

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