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Alpha Phi Alpha’s Joseph Boakai Elected President of Liberia

Joseph Boakai, a distinguished member of Alpha Phi Alpha, has emerged victorious in Liberia’s recent presidential election. At the age of 78, Boakai, a seasoned political veteran, is poised to assume the role of Liberia’s president following a narrow triumph in Tuesday’s run-off vote. The incumbent, former soccer star George Weah, graciously conceded defeat late on Friday, prompting jubilant celebrations in the streets of the capital city, Monrovia.

Boakai’s victory signifies the pinnacle of a long and illustrious career, marked by significant proximity to power. Notably, he served 12 years as vice president under Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and Weah’s predecessor. While Boakai faced a setback in a run-off vote against Weah in 2017, he has come back this time and won the election

In a post-election interview with Reuters, Boakai articulated his primary focus—to unite the nation after a divisive election. “First and foremost, we want to have a message of peace and reconciliation,” he stated, highlighting his dedication to fostering harmony in Liberia during this critical period.

Adding a layer of significance to Boakai’s achievement is his affiliation with Alpha Phi Alpha. Boakai is a proud member of the Eta Epsilon Lambda chapter in Liberia, the first African chapter of the esteemed fraternity. Established on October 6, 1958, in Monrovia, Liberia, this chapter played a pivotal role in shaping the legacy of Alpha Phi Alpha on the continent. David N. Howell, former CEO of the Liberia YMCA, along with 17 Alpha brothers, was instrumental in founding the Eta Epsilon Lambda chapter.

The historical importance of Alpha Phi Alpha in Liberia extends beyond Boakai’s recent victory. Several of Liberia’s past and present leaders are Alpha men, including the first veterinarian, Dr. Christian Baker; Vice President Joseph N. Boakai himself; former Minister of Information G. Henry Andrews; Agronomist Dr. McKinley A. Deshield, Jr.; Former Dean of the School of Agriculture, Prince Moye; Liberia’s Fastest Man and Olympian Sayon Cooper; Bishop of the AME Church, David Daniels; Historian Emmanuel Bowier; and Cuttington University President Dr. Henrique Tokpa.

Liberia looks ahead to a new chapter under President-elect Joseph Boakai’s leadership.Boakai’s triumph not only makes history in the political arena but also reaffirms the impactful legacy of Alpha Phi Alpha in shaping leaders and fostering positive change in Liberia and beyond.