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ICE COLD! The Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Just Crossed A New Line In St. Louis

St. Louis has some new Alphas!

The Alpha Eta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. which serves as the city-wide chapter of Alpha for St. Louis just crossed a new line of initiates.

The line of seven was named A.S. Victorious R.E.I.G.N and includes the following brothers:

Ace: Adam @adamgreasy
Deuce: Jamez @Jamezmerise
Tre: Ysaye @Ysaye2Tr3
Quad: Jaylen @__JaylenJ
Live Five: Laron @_23ron
6God: Brenden @uwood2_
Jewel/Anchor: Allen @7ja_prometheus

Check out the video of their neophyte presentation below!

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