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Alpha Phi Alpha Brothers Teach Georgia High Schoolers Their Legal Rights To An Education

The Alphas in Georgia are helping their community in a BIG way!

“MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity held a free workshop Saturday to encourage students to stay in school until they graduate.

The “Keep Youth in School Workshop” was held at Southwest High School.

More than 150 Bibb County high school and middle school students learned they have legal rights to an education.

Students also learned the proper procedure when they find themselves being sent to the principal’s office. They learned hey have a right to remain silent in a respectful and polite manner.

“We have a responsibility in our community to make sure that our next generation is moving forward,” says the CEO of Bibb County Student Affairs, Edward Judie.

“It’s too many people in the world for us to be failing,”

The “Keep Youth in School Workshop” also featured a session called “School to Prison Pipeline,” which reveals statistics about the number of students dropping out of schools and the number of former students entering Georgia’s prison system.

Another workshop allowed students to hear about Juvenile Court Rights and Responsibilities.”  [Taken from the 41NBC/WMGT website]

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