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Watch How Alpha Phi Alpha Revealed Its Spring 2017 Initiates at Hampton

Hampton has got some new Alphas on campus!

The Gamma Iota Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., seated at Hampton University recently revealed its Spring 2017 line and the new brothers put on an amazing show.

Check out their neophyte presentation below and show these members of the “Kuzimu Duniani” line some love.

1-Justin Sye; King M1das
2-Charles Burt; Richie Rich
3-Robel Eskinder; The PROPH3T
4-Kyle Phox; Gen4sis
5-Ian Weaver; ZEU5
6-Isaiah Tillotson; Luke Ca6e
7-Anderson Douglas; 007
8-Sherman Grant; Gorilla WarPHare
9-Michael Adams Jr.; Apocalypse
10-Thomas Allen; King Kong
11-Khaleel Artis; Ki11Zone
12-Benjamin Hinton ll; Hypothermia
13-Derrick Bailey; Rambo

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