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Alpha Phi Alpha Brothers From Flint Launch Company That Uses Tech To Provide Clean Water Solutions

Two brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha from Flint, Michigan have teamed up to expand global access to clean drinking water.

Jonathan Quarles, a Fall 2002 initiate of the Beta Nu Chapter at FAMU and Keith Chaney, a Spring 2008 initiate Theta Tau Chapter in Flint recently launched Quartz Water Source a company focused on using technology to provide clean water to “meet the needs of cities, villages, factories, hospitals, and other areas where water is difficult to access, or current water sources are contaminated.”⁣

The technology that the company uses functions by using Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) technology provided by the Isreali company Watergen to pull moisture from the air.

These machines can provide up to 5,000 liters of clean water per day.

“We’re not looking at replacing municipal water. We like to think of ourselves as a reliable second line water solution,” Quarles stated. 

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