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Members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. are fed up with the violence in Pittsburgh’s Hill District so they gathered along with a group of men, women and children marched through the streets on Saturday morning to peacefully push back against violence.

“We’re sick and tired of the gun violence,” John Ayers, a member of Alpha Phi Alpha, told WPXI News at the Freedom From Violence March . “Every day kids are shooting each other down, and so we’re just fed up with it and, you know, we just want to let the kids know that this is how we feel about it and we’re opening up our voice and we’re saying ‘stop.’”

According to reports, the march was followed by a resource fair at the Hill House.

“We want to encourage the kids that they need to get their education, because their education is much more powerful than toting around an AK-47,” Ayers told the station.

We at would like to commend these brothers and sisters for doing this march. We would also like to encourage other black greeks across the nation to hit the streets with their chapters and make it known that violence will not be tolerated in our communities!