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Spring 15 initiates of the Gamma chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Jason Smart-El, Douglas Green & Avon Bryant, recently packed a car full of water and drove all the way from Richmond, VA to Flint, MI to drop off clean water to the city.

Jason Smart-El not only is a brother of Alpha Phi Alpha, but he also happens to be Mister Virginia Union University 2015-2016. He started raising money to help Flint in January,

“I was stunned to see not too many people taking the lead to want to help all of these families in need so I decide to take initiative and do what I can,” he told

After driving across the country for more than 10 hours, the brothers arrived in Flint and with the help of a local resident who went by the name of K, they went door to door delivering cases and gallons of water to as many families as possible.

“While doing so we were able to speak with families to see how this crisis has effected their lives and family. We also took a tour of Flint to see how it actually looked and not how the media portrayed it,” Smart-El told  “It was crazy to see all the houses that were abandoned, schools and stores that were closed down. It honestly looked like a ghost town. I took my camera with me to take video clips and pictures and created a YouTube video so that people will be able to see what I experienced. I believe that you must be the change you wish to see so hopefully what I did will influence others to do the same.”

Watch the video the brothers shot below to see the interviews.